The Himes & Duniway Society is Oregon's oldest organization of bibliophiles and manuscript collectors. Founded in 2010, the Society sponsors lectures and other events on bookish topics. The Club was named in memory of George Himes (1844-1940), Oregon's first book publisher and Abigail Scott Duniway (1834-1915), an early Oregon women's rights advocate, newspaper editor and writer.


We are excited this year to sponsor the Lewis & Clark College Book Collecting Contest. In the past years, Himes & Duniway has sponsored book collecting contests at Reed College and Oregon State University. Hannah Crumme from the Aubrey Watzek Library has approached us and this year we are please to sponsor a student book collecting contest at Lewis & Clark College. For details please see
the Lewis & Clark Book Collecting webpage on this site.


Picture of Jack Walsdorf

What a vibrant personality and good friend he was,
despite the teasing, or perhaps because of... - Gay Walker

Jack was a bookman who was known among other things by this country's book community for his work membership and participation in the William Morris Society, his time at Blackwells, his voracious collecting, as a member of Grolier Club, the books he authored, his collections and as a founding member of
The Himes & Duniway Society.

With a wry sense of humor, an undying love for the Green Bay Packers and a loyalty to his friends, it is hard to find anyone who did not enjoy their time with "Shoulders" Walsdorf. Pictured here with his wonderful friend Marylou Colver, Jack was a fixture at book fairs and bookstores. An interview with The Morrisian gives you Jack in his own words here.

Our friend and fellow member, Thomas W. Leonhardt, remembers Jack in this article for Oregon Trails.


As one of the founding members of The Himes & Duniway Society,
Brian's participation, leadership and behind the scenes mentoring provided us with a steady
hand that allowed this organization to grow in providing a home for bookcollecting in Oregon.

More information about our friend can be found here.